Health data is stuck in silos, costing the U.S. $200 billion a year in lost productivity. Outcomes are lower. Costs are higher. Opportunities are missed. Patients, physicians, providers, payers, and pharma all suffer. The solution? Trusted networks for health data. Welcome to Akiri.

A private network. An open platform. A unique opportunity.

The American Medical Association (AMA) believes that one of the biggest challenges in healthcare today is securing, sharing, and using trusted health data in real time. The AMA’s integrated innovation enterprise, Health2047, created Akiri to transform how everyone does it. We’re starting with a secure, private network-as-a-service. It’s called Akiri Switch. To create a 360-degree network of trust, only subscribers to the network can share health data in the network itself.

Both Health2047 and Celgene, a global pharmaceutical company, are already collaborating with Akiri. Stay tuned as we announce others in the coming months.

For patients

Akiri Switch delivers peace of mind knowing health information is transmitted to and from trusted partners only.

  • Secure information access
  • Reduce data dependencies
  • Use medical data better
  • Expand product interactions

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For physicians

Akiri Switch enables healthcare industry innovations that will streamline and transform patient-doctor relationships.

  • Reduce device duplication
  • Secure information access
  • Decrease data dependencies
  • Access trusted data

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For Providers

Akiri Switch secures and simplifies the IT infrastructure, transmitting information through a trusted network architecture.

  • Simplify IT security
  • Rely on monitored environments
  • Reduce cost burdens
  • Streamline tech upgrades

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For payers

Akiri Switch reduces development costs and eliminates friction, enabling new market opportunities for better health outcomes.

  • Open secure connections
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Simplify network burdens
  • Work across geo boundaries

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For pharma

Akiri Switch provides the capability to connect multiple entities in the ecosystem securely, compliantly, and seamlessly.

  • Control and protect data
  • Manage drug delivery
  • Comply with regulatory controls
  • Streamline administrative duties

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For Developers

Akiri Switch provides an open development platform for software developers and system integrators to transform healthcare.

  • Simplify data integration
  • Enable powerful platforms
  • Secure data transport
  • Provide PNP compatibility

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The circle of trust for healthcare’s leaders

Akiri Switch is unlike any other solution for managing healthcare data. It is not a health information exchange (HIE); an extract, transform, load (ETL) process; or an electronic medical record (EMR) system. Instead, Akiri Switch is an invitation-only, subscription-based, ultra-secure private network. Rather than store any health data, it transmits it through a standardized system of codes.

Virtually any application can be developed and validated for Akiri’s trusted infrastructure. This includes the latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, telemedicine, security, hospital performance optimization, drug development — anywhere data plays a crucial role.

As medical and health enterprises subscribe to the network, the circle of trust strengthens and expands. The value of the data increases. And opportunities to innovate increase. Exponentially.

To learn more about Akiri, our private network-as-a-service, or our open platform for development, contact us today.