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Akiri Appoints David Watson Chief Executive Officer

Technology leader from Kaiser Permanente and Oracle to lead innovative healthcare interoperability startup

FOSTER CITY, CALIF., Sept. 12, 2018 — Healthcare technology pioneer Akiri™ today announced the appointment of healthcare IT visionary David A. Watson as CEO. The former Kaiser Permanente CTO brings more than 30 years of healthcare and technology leadership experience to Akiri as it embarks on its mission to enable health data to securely and compliantly move throughout the U.S. healthcare system. Akiri is the first company spun out of Health2047 Inc., the Silicon Valley-based business formation and commercialization enterprise whose founding investor and primary strategic partner is the American Medical Association (AMA).

Watson has a long track record of effectively applying technology to healthcare innovation in leadership roles at California Integrated Data Exchange, Kaiser Permanente, MedeAnalytics, and Oracle, among other companies. As Kaiser Permanente CTO, he was the prime architect of its HealthConnect™ initiative and engineered one of the company’s most successful large-scale clinical system deployments. Watson also served as Global VP of Healthcare Product Strategy at Oracle, and as COO at healthcare information technology (HIT) company SSI Group. He currently sits on the board of directors at Shield Healthcare.

“Akiri’s goal is to improve the U.S. health system by simplifying the exchange of clinical and administrative data to enable far greater data liquidity,“ said Dr. Douglass Given, Akiri chairman and board director at Health2047 Inc. “Dave’s deep healthcare experience and passion for driving technical innovation to new heights made him the ideal leader to guide Akiri as it grows.”

Akiri is building a trusted network that enables any type of health information to be permissioned and move seamlessly and securely throughout the U.S. healthcare system in accordance with those permissions. Since its public launch in January 2018, Akiri has already filed multiple patents for its proprietary networking technology, is collaborating with a major global pharmaceutical company to share clinical data between physicians, patients, and hospitals, and has expanded to larger headquarters space in Foster City. The company continues to recruit top talent for its growing engineering teams in both the U.S. and Canada.

“Akiri will streamline and enhance healthcare delivery outcomes by improving the interoperability of data protected by world-class security,” said Watson. “My career has been dedicated to unlocking the value of data in healthcare, so this position truly is a perfect fit. With the support of the American Medical Association and Akiri’s talented engineering team, we will overcome one of the biggest challenges in healthcare: how to best secure, share, and adopt trusted health data in real time given the unique parameters and complexities of our system.”

About Akiri

Akiri Inc. provides the trusted interoperability platform for the healthcare ecosystem. Akiri is dedicated to helping patients, physicians, providers, pharma, and other healthcare enterprises travel safely on their digital journeys. For more information, visit

About Health2047 Inc.

Health2047 Inc. is a Silicon Valley business formation and commercialization enterprise committed to catalyzing fundamental transformation in U.S. healthcare. The company’s specific areas of focus include data liquidity, chronic care management, radical productivity enhancement, and value-based payment. Health2047's deep relationships with both the American Medical Association and its network of strategic partners create a unique force multiplier that helps drive large-scale changes in healthcare. For more information, please visit

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