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Press Release

Akiri launches to create the first network-as-a-service platform optimized for healthcare

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 3, 2018 — Akiri™ announced $10 million in funding to build a new network-as-a-service for sharing trusted health data. Akiri Switch, the subscription-based private network, will include blockchain technology to secure health data for real-time sharing among patients, physicians, providers, and the companies that serve them. Read the full release.


News Coverage

Doctor-backed startup aims to bring blockchain to health care

San Francisco-based Akiri today is releasing its first product, Akiri Switch, a subscription-based data network for managing health information. It’s a part of the industry’s move to digitize and automate health care using blockchain technology. Read the full story.


News Coverage

Health2047 spinout launches data sharing business, adds blockchain

Health2047 kicked off the new year with the launch of its data sharing spinout business and renamed it Akiri — previously known as Switch. The launch of the company is part of a wider effort by Health2047, affiliated with the American Medical Association, to make clinicians a driving force in health IT innovation. Read the full story.

News Coverage

Blockchain network-as-a-service platform scores $10 million from AMA

Akiri, backed by the American Medical Association, is developing a networking platform it says will help healthcare organizations more easily share data via blockchain. Read the full story.


Blog Post

A morbid case of information inertia: why data liquidity is key to modernizing healthcare

Why don’t we use the enormous cache of extant health data to better deliver the services that wide demographic ranges of patients need, and simultaneously evolve those services into an ever more effective and efficient healthcare system via learnings from that data? Read the full post.


Blog Post

Threading the needles: correlating disparate data for connected care

imagine connecting all of an individual’s myriad digital health tools across provider systems and throughout physicians’ offices. It is a task akin to lining up several needles and using that single thread to connect them all. Read the full post.